Newsletter - July '12

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Greetings from HCC!

We would like to proclaim how God is using His people to fulfill His will through His Church.

  1. It is a great joy to share with you about the re-initiation of development project for malnourished children at Dharni.  Pray that the children experience the Love of God through the work of the staff.  
  2. HCC is able this time to provide drinking water through drilling and repairs of bore wells in Maharashtra and Karnataka.  Pray that the Lord may send good monsoon to prevent drought.  
  3. A new believer's training manual published is now available for people coming to Christ. Please pray that the readers of the book may experience the depth of God's love.  
  4. Prerna and Panna receiving opportunity to represent the Church in international arena.  Please pray for their objectives to be fulfilled and safe return. 
  5. Please pray for the Church Council to be held on 4th Au-gust 12.
  6. Pray for Ordination of pastors
  7. New congregations added to HCC
  8. Partnership with new national and international Churches and Organizations

Thank you for your prayer support towards HCC.

With kind regards,

S.C. David
Hindustani Covenant Church
15, Solapur Road


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