Newsletter - Jan '13

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Dear Friends,

Greetings from HCC!

We would like to thank you for your prayer and good wishes towards Hindustani Covenant Church, so that it grows day by day and serves for the extension of Kingdom of God. We are sending again the newsletter to you to keep you update about the ongoing ministry of Hindustani Covenant Church.

We would request yo to pray for the following points:

  1. More children like Mamta are given better lives.
  2. Farmers receive more indigenous knowledge on organic farming
  3. More poor people receive benefits through linkages
  4. Youth participants in Acts 29 grow in the spiritual life
  5. Volunteers receive life changing experience while working in India
  6. Specially pray for the construction of Church Hall in Kurudwadi, and extension of Church Hall in Barshi.

Thanking you. 

S.C. David
Hindustani Covenant Church
15, Solapur Road


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