Going for God

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In Year 2003 HCC got the opportunity to help some flood affected people in Tasgaon in south part of Maharashtra. Continuous visitation gave us a information that there is no evangelical work done by any church and those who had started they have left because of opposition from the some political and religious group. In such challenging situation Mr Sujit Mohite came forward and took the challenge to share the Gospel in Tasgaon and surrounding area. After his theological training in year 2005 he started working as evangelist.

After lots of efforts and opposition he got some four families in year 2006.  HCC built the small church in Tasgaon were these four families started worshiping on Sunday morning 10 to 1:00. slowly with years of gap up to today there are 56 numbers of people trust in Jesus, those came from Hindu faith and out of that 16 has taken the baptism.

God is working amazingly in life of people every Sunday there are testimonies of miracles, thanking, healing the people feel the presence God in their life.

Evangelical work does not stopped in Tasgaon itself   but it was speared out  nearby villages Like NANDRE and SHIVGAON which is more  than 28 Km. During this year Pastor Sujit had Ordination from HCC.

Rev Sujit had hard time of travelling for the visiting those areas. But he never gave up for his call to serve the Lord and share the word of God in rainy season, in hot sunny weather he never miss the prayer meeting both place. Sunday he used had worship with church Mornging 10 to 1.00 and then right after church he used travel by cycle to the nearby place, drop his cycle at bus stand by bus he used reached to Nandre village from there again there is walk for almost 5 km to reach prayer room. After having worship at 5 clock on the way back he used have the prayer meeting Shivagaon up to 8 o clock. His zeal and efforts brought the fruits for his ministry today in Shivgao there are 5 families are there and in Nandre 26 people came to Lord Jesus.

Rev Sujeet has spent lots of time in travelling, and there are some new families where transportation is very rare. The frequency of the bus is after four hours. But with the help of Furuhöjdskyrkans Alunda, HCC could able to provide the Motor bike for him. It will be really useful for him to visit the family member and have more prayer meetings in week days also. Rev Sujeet had shared this bike will be really great help for his ministry to reach the people and shared the Gospel to them. He has goal to make 100 people in shivgaon and Nandre. So continuously pray for his ministry, life and family.

We as Hindustani Covenant church would like to say thank to our sister church Furuhöjdskyrkans Alunda in Sweden and Rev Lars leven for this help and being encouragement for our pastor throughout the years.  We will uphold you and congregation in our prayer.