SVF Students

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Ms. Ida and Ms. Johanna, two Swedish girls, 21 and 20 years old. Ida's from Kaxholmen and Johanna from Värnamo, both towns is a bit outside Jönköping. They are from the SVF-school in Pune until the midst of April. SodraVätterbygdensFolkhögskola, or SVF-school, is a school where you can go to between Junior College and higher studies, the school offers different courses like bible and music. Ida and Johanna are here to study the work that HCC/CSS does and to be working with the projects they will be visiting women, kids and to see what Jesus has done in their life. Ida and Johanna says that “We're longing to see something different from Sweden, to learn from a new  cross culture, new people and help in women and children in  project  in Ramtekdi market yard . We want to live an everyday life here, on the other side of the world!”