Church Activities

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Sunday Service

The most important area of involvement to strengthen our faith, witness and fellowship is through thanks giving, praise and worship service on Sundays.

Children's Sunday School

Every congregation within HCC has its own children's Sunday school. There are 5530 children attending Sunday school every Sunday.

Covenant Youth Fellowship

The youth council works under the HCC and executive committee. It has a separate body, which works under the executive committee. The fellowship has its own youth committee. HCC youth elects the president at the AGM. There are 4248 members and around 95 youth leaders (i e; one male and one female) HCC youths are engaged in the Church work and in the youth exchange program.

H.C.C. Women's Council

Meetings are held twice a year. Mrs. Monica S. David , the President of the women's council and Rev. Annie Bhosale, the local secretary continue to be a valuable link between the All India Women Council. There are 7856 members in the HCC women's council.

Conformation Classes

HCC conducts confirmation classes and tests for candidates who apply for Baptism or want to become members of the church.

Weekly Bible Study

Believers meet every week to study the Word of God in various congregations. The purpose of the weekly Bible Study is to encourage spiritual involvement and to strengthen the associations of various congregations for the expansion of Gods Kingdom.

Cottage Prayer Meetings

Every congregation has Cottage Prayer Meetings twice a week.

The Level of CYF Organization

There are two levels of the Covenant Youth Fellowship (CYF) organization: The Local Church CYF and The Central CYF.