Current Projects

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Micro Finance Project: Pune

Micro finance is provided to women to help them stand on their own feet and thus become financially independent.

Alcoholic Rehabilitation Project: Supa

At the alcoholic rehabilitation project, HCC conducts seminars for alcoholics, provides education to children, provides sewing training to women and helps in maintenance of the resource center.

Restoring lost Childhood: Pune, Daund, Gulbarga, Chopda

Children who have been robbed of opportunities due to circumstances are provided a chance to relive.  In Restoring Lost Childhood project, holistic care is provided to the children to help them improve their:  learning skills, self-esteem and academic performance in schools. Children are enrolled in schools for formal education, provided teaching about health and hygiene.

Skills and continuing education is provided to staff on effective child management and development.

Rag Pickers Development Project, Govandi

At the rag pickers development project, HCC provides children, who live and work in the dumps, with non-formal education along with nutritious meals and sewing training for girls.

Animal Husbandry Project, Kannad and Nannaj

In the regions of Kannad and Nannaj, low availability of resources has limited people of income sources and hence reduced chances of development. HCC works in these regions by providing people with cows and insurance for them; hens and goats. This animal husbandry project provides the people with a source of income with which they can support their families. 

Boys Hostel: Rampurwadi

Accommodation and support for education is provided to some of the identified orphan children at Savargaon.    After X grade the children are provided with skills that will help them in the professional realm.

Environmental Issues: South Solapur

The book of Genesis reveals that humans are called to be stewards to God's creation.

In South Solapur, a drought prone region, HCC is endeavoring to build awareness and capacity of people in addressing environmental concerns on their own.