Boy's Hostel Rampurwadi

HCC is running a boys hostel for the underprivileged, needy & orphan children in Savargaon . The accommodation is provided to the orphan children. After 10 th grade the children are provided specialised training which will help them in the professional realm. 800 boys have made good use of this facility & have achieved their life goals.

Alcoholic Rehabilitation

In 2001 HCC along with Bethlem church in Sweden started a rehab for the alcoholics. Specialised psychologist, medical doctors, Pastors & family counsellors are a part of this project to rehabilitate the alcoholics. While the men are at the centre their wives are given micro finance & micro finance training for a small business so that the ladies become financially independent.

Development of CSW children

Since 1963 HCC has made a deliberate effort to educate children from a weak financial background. We support 300 children at least each year to get quality education in various streams. So far we have managed to support thousands of underprivileged children who deserve to be educated.

of Hope

Home of Hope is another home for rehab girls where they have hope and security for the future. It is the place where numbers of girls has equipped them self to face the challenges in the world, as well they develop themselves. Till today hundreds of girls has been blessed by Home of Hope and equipped them self and living the dignified life in society.

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