reaching out poor, marginalised, unemployed, sick, migrant, downtrodden, low caste, outcaste, preys to human trafficking and victims to natural calamities

A distinguished global cooperation between Covenant World Relief and Covenant Social Service has been able to cross many important milestones in the sub-continent of India while reaching out poor, marginalised, unemployed, sick, migrant, downtrodden, low caste, outcaste, preys to human trafficking and victims to natural calamities. The partnership is just a decade old, but has walked along with children, youth,womenand elderly of India who completely deserved a fullness of life.
This publication is an aurora of opportunity to pass on a message of thanks with utmost gratefulness to all the individuals, churches and organisations, who have extended their generous support through Covenant World Relief to bring joy in the lives millions.
Mentioned below are few important interventions that have addressed diverse issues of varied people groups in India. Those are: construction of permanent houses for Tsunami Affected in Andaman, support to persecuted and displaced Christians in Kandhamal, improving living condition of tribals in Chopda and Dang, creating income generation support to leprosy affected in Panvel, support malaria affected in Kandhamal, contribute towards renovation of St. Andrew’s Church in Pune, develop lives of rag picking children in Mumbai, addressing poverty and empowering lives of people in Bihar & Kashmir, rescue & rehabilitation of victims of human trafficking in Pune, touching lives of children living in different parts of India through Kids to Kids and Covenant Kids, availing water for people living in dry areas of South Solapur.

Rev. Jyotirmaya Deep

by birth he deaf so school was not accepting

The name of the boy is sumeet dayanad bhore
Father is poor he drives rikashw
by birth he deaf so school was not accepting them in special school the fees was more they cant affort it somehow came in church contact so with help of CSS form kids to kid we provide the ear machine to him. today he can listen well and he has join the regular school

was diagnosed with the Retinoblastoma which very uncommon

Afajal Khan set in Pune with his family from two decades he is working as driver and living happy life with his wife and 2 years old daughter Ayesha. Their world was completely around her. At the age of 3 Ayesha got some eyes infection. With some local doctors they gave some medicine it got subside. But every evening she uses to feel like scratching some people observed her eyes get more swollen get more shinny which is not normal. Aysaha’s father was beating worried about it so he took her to the eyes specialist. After continuous two months investigation Ayesha was diagnosed with the Retinoblastoma which very uncommon. Doctor suggested for the operation the costing was very so Mr. Khan went for the 2nd opinion in but it was vain because of financial problem he could not able to operate his daughter soon but cancer was spreading and damaging Ayesha’s eyes. Mr. Khan lost his hope to arrange the money for his daughters operation in such situation he was roaming around knocking the door for each charitable trust. He came to know about Hindustani Covenant church. He approached to church and shared his reality with us after knowing him and investigating HCC decided to contribute some amount to Khan. With some efforts he reached to Hyderabad city she got operated removed her left eye and fixed the artificial eye.
Today Ayesha and her family are happy for the help what they have received. Her cancer brought in controlled by removing her one eye. Yes she lost her one eye but we could able to save another she can see the world with her one eye. Khan family is thankful to HCC and there meaning full contribution to the Ayesha’s life today Ayesha is living her life with one continuing her study and admiring God creation.

Ayesha Khan
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